Guess the Emoji Answers and Cheats is a resource site for anyone who can’t seem to find the answer or get passed a level in the extremely popular Guess the Emoji mobile app game. The concept of the game is quite simple — Guess the Emoji will display a few different emoji icons on the screen, along with a few empty boxes below it. Each of the empty boxes will represent a letter of the word, name or phrase that is being described through the game. Below this section you will also find a selection of letters that can be used to guess the secret phrase. The good news is that there aren’t any limitations on how many times you can guess, the bad news is that sometimes it will drive you crazy and might be stuck on the same level for several days or weeks!

You can see an actual screenshot of the game below. Can you guess what the emoji set stands for?


That’s exactly why this site was created, to help Guess the Emoji game players get passed the extremely tough levels so they can keep on playing the game. Right now the game has over 120 different levels, each with their own game sets in between. There are ten individual games within each level — so we are looking at more than 1,000 individual games that can be played through the application. You can access answers to each of these levels below.

[Levels 1-10] – [Levels 11-20] – [Levels 21-30] – [Levels 31-40] – [Levels 41-50]

How to Get Hints to Win Guess the Emoji

While Guess the Emoji is an extremely fun and addicting game, it can also be quite frustrating in the process. Playing the game and getting a ton of levels correct without a problem is quite common. It’s when you get stuck on a specific level that things get really crazy.

Like in the example above, if you can’t seem to figure out what the emoji set represents, you have two options — which are to use HINTS or to BUY COINS.


When using “hints” you have three different options.

  • Expose a Letter – This is free to use, all you have to do is watch a short 15-45 second video advertisement. However, there are limitations on how many times you can use this feature on a given day.
  • Remove Letters – This option will remove a bunch of letters from your guessing board, thus making it easier for you to figure out. This cost of this hint is 15 coins
  • Solve the Question – If you just want to get the level over with and move on with the game, this is your best option. Choose this hint option and the answer will be provided for you. The cost for this hint is 30 credits.

You are probably wondering what coins are and how you get them. When you first start playing the game you will be given a set number of coins, then as you beat each level you will earn an extra coin. This is all fine and dandy, but what happens when you run out of coins to use? If you are totally out of coins and want to get more of them, you can simply buy more coins. You can see a listing of the current coin prices through the image below.

If you do end up buying coins through the game application, it’s a good idea to go with 250+ coins or more. This way you will also get to play the game without any advertisements continually being shown. You can also earn 30 free coins simply by sharing the game with your Twitter audience.


Now that you know how the game works and how you can use hints to solve hard to beat levels, let’s cover how to download and play the game for anyone who doesn’t already have it.

How to Download Guess the Emoji

Guess the Emoji is a free mobile gaming application that is available on both the iOS and Android platform. This means you can play it on all iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android devices. The game was also created by Converion, LLC and has 120 different levels of emoji guessing action.

To download the game and start playing today, all you need to do is open up the app store on your device and search for “Guess the Emoji”. After the download is complete, simply click the icon for the game and start playing. Every day that you open and play the application, you will earn bonus coins that can be used towards hints and unlocking new levels.

And of course… if you are ever stuck on a level and don’t want to watch a video for hints or use up all of your coins, simply visit our site and select the level you are stuck on through the menu on the top of this page. We continually update this site with all of the latest gaming answers, cheats and hints available.